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The Reinhardt Cocktail

Our Reinhardt Cocktail, a strong improvement over the classic Myers Cocktail, will take your health and performance to a whole new level. This powerful mix has ingredients that improve your health, boost your immune system, and boost your performance. It is delivered straight into your bloodstream for maximum effect.

What's in the Reinhardt Cocktail:

1,000cc LR: A base for water that makes sure nutrients get to where they need to go.
A complete mix of important vitamins that are good for your health as a whole.
Vitamin C is a very important vitamin for gut health and skin health.
Zinc: aids in the healing of wounds and the nervous system.
Magnesium is necessary for muscles to work and heal.
ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid): Helps the body make energy and protect itself from free radicals.
.Cyanocobalamin, or Vitamin B-12, for brain health and energy
The Reinhardt Cocktail is perfect for people who push their limits every day or through intense physical exercise. It will help you recover faster, boost your immune system, and keep your health and performance up.


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