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About Osena Health Connect

Easy Access to Kind and Compassionate Care

Osena Health Connect (OHC) is the culmination of the practice experience of Dennis & Jaylene Osena. Dennis & Jaylene have over 30 years of combined nursing experience and over 12 years of combined advanced provider experience. OHC is an easy and affordable way to connect to kind and compassionate healthcare providers. Our telemedicine platform can provide solutions for a majority of your healthcare concerns. We value our relationship with our patients. Our vision is to be your trusted healthcare provider. We thank you for putting your trust in Osena Health Connect.

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Mission and Vision

OHC Vision: Health Restoration through affordable and convenient delivery of healthcare

OHC Focus: Health Restoration not just disease management

OHC Method: Back to basics approach using lifestyle medicine practices to treat all conditions. Connecting to people through practical health assessments, gaining their perspective, addressing their top needs, building trust and showing that a better and healthy life is possible. Building and establishing genuine and ongoing relationships that affect the individual and their immediate circle of influence.

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